Installation of Hinge

1. Type One : Slot In Spot Welded
More economical, durable and anti theft during construction period

2. Type Two : Screw In Hinge On Top of Frame Surface
Ease of maintenance and Rechangeable

Other Accessories
1. Wire ties for brick laying
2. Spreader bar (2) for frame bottom support
3. Screw in sticker plate and lock box

Installation Method

Step A
Prop up the frame by timber and and nail edge of the end of timber, hook up the nail onto the top edge of the frame. Use the spirit level to ensure the frame stays in the rights position.

Step B
Lay the bricks into back opening of the frame, infill mortar into the gap between brick and frame. This will fill the frame with cement and make both the wall and frame rigid and strong.

Step C
Install a wire tie with every 4-5 course of brickwork fun.

Step D
For frames position next to column, use column to ensure rigid installation.